Unaltered Muffler that maintains 100db @ 100′

Late Models

TIRES–  Hoosier 1350 on all four corners with a Hoosier LM40 or WRS-2 right rear option

WEIGHT– 2300 pounds Anytime


DECK HEIGHT – Maximum of 39″ (No Tolerance)

*No droop rule

*No Data Acquisition

2021 Wild West Shootout Modified Technical Bulletin (12/16/20): In light of the recent amendments to the USRA Modified Rulebook for 2021 and after careful consideration, the technical team at the Wild West Shootout have added the following allowances from the 2021 USRA Modified rulebook for the 2021 Edition of the Wild West Shootout at FK Rod Ends Arizona Speedway.

Article 3: Frame

3.1 Factory production complete full 1960 or newer parallel American passenger car frames only. Frames may be cut in rear only at a point equal to or behind rear of engine.

Article 5: Suspension

5.8.2 Only one shock per wheel is permitted (Exception: Fifth shock may be mounted horizontally over pull bar or vertically on front of lift arm). Pull bar shock mounts must be equal to or above pull bar mounts. Pull bar shock length at installed position, including extensions, shall be a maximum of twenty-four (24) inches. Bump stops and\or various rubber biscuits on pull bar and lift arm shocks are not allowed. Shocks must be mounted vertically and rear shocks may be no more than twenty-five (25) degrees from vertical. Dummy shocks in relation to functioning shock absorbers are not allowed (i.e., no dummy shocks to replace slider).

5.8.7 Bump stops, spring rubbers or any other limiting devices are not allowed on any suspension component

(Exception: Bump stops and/or various rubber biscuits are permitted in conjunction with the pull bar, rear-limiting chains, lift arm chain or blocks from rear-end housing to chassis, and any size external bump stop on right front shock is permitted)

All other rules will continue to be based on the 2020 USRA Modified Rules with IMCA-stamped Hoosier G60’s an optional tire on all four corners. Click here for Rules

X Mods

Limited X Mod racers – you must be 100% legal within the current Vado Speedway Park Limited X Mod rules.  Click here for Rules

USRA B-Mod racers – you must be 100% legal within the 2020 USRA B-Mod rules.  Concept engine with 4bbl Carburetor must run a rev limiter with a 6200 rpm chip.  Click here for Rules

WISSOTA Midwest Modified racers – you must be 100% legal within the current WISSOTA Midwest Modified rules posted at along with the following requirements: 1) You must run a rev limiter with a 7000 rpm chip 2) You must run the American Racer kk704 tire on all four corners 3) You must run a solid pull bar 4) Concept engine with 4bbl Carburetor must run a rev limiter with a 6200 rpm chip

IMCA Southern SportMod racers – you must be 100% legal within the 2019 Southern SportMod rules posted at with the following exceptions: 1) You may run the Hoosier G60-15 tire on both rear corners if you choose. Hoosier 500 Series tires must be run on both front corners.

IMCA Northern SportMod racers – you must be 100% legal within the 2019 Northern SportMod rules posted at

Please note that IMCA SportMods may run the American Racer KK704 as long as they are running the balance of their complete IMCA SportMod rule package.