2022 Wild West Shootout Rules

Schoenfeld Part # 112530, 112535, 113035 and 14272735-78 are the ONLY mufflers allowed to be used at Vado Speedway Park for the WWS at ALL TIMES. Cars failing to comply will face severe penalties up to and including race and/or event disqualification.

Super Late Models
– TIRES TBA for 2023
WWS Super Late Model Tech Bulletin (01/02/2022)
Daily Tire Limitation and Rationing
After ongoing discussions with Hoosier Racing Tire regarding the available supply of tires for Super Late Models leadership of the Wild West Shootout have announced steps that they will employ to ensure reduced consumption as well as an equal distribution of tires which will be on sale at the event.

  • Teams will be required to run the same 4 tires for qualifying, heat races and b-mains. They will be allowed 1 tire change of their choice for the feature event for all 6 nights of competition.
  • Tires will be uniquely marked at HLQ
  • In the event of a flat tire teams may change with a used tire only which must be approved by WWS Officials. Any unauthorized or other tire change would result in a penalty.
  • Teams will not be permitted to change tires during the course of any event unless the tire is flat and then only a used tire is permitted as detailed above.
  • Teams will be limited on tire purchases via a daily voucher system which will be based on car counts and may require adjustment depending on available supply and consumption.

– WEIGHT – 2300 pounds minimum anytime
– SPOILER – 8′′
– DECK HEIGHT – Maximum of 39′′ pre-race
– NOSE HEIGHT – Maximum 15” to top of nose on RF corner pre-race
– OTHER BODY/SUSPENSION – 2021 WoO/DirtCar/Lucas Oil
*No droop rule *No Data Acquisition

You must be 100% legal within the 2021 USRA Modified Rules. The IMCA-stamped Hoosier G60’s are an optional tire on all four corners also.

X Mods

X-Mod racers – you must be 100% legal within the current Vado Speedway Park X-Mod rules.

USRA B-Mod racers – you must be 100% legal within the 2021 USRA B-Mod rules. Concept engine with 4bbl Carburetor must run a rev limiter with a 6200 rpm chip.  

WISSOTA Midwest Modified racers – you must be 100% legal within the current
WISSOTA Midwest Modified rules posted at along with the following
requirements: 1) You must run a rev limiter with a 7000 rpm chip 2) You must run the American Racer kk704 tire on all four corners 3) You must run a solid pull bar 4)Concept engine with 4bbl Carburetor must run a rev limiter with a 6200 rpm chip

IMCA Southern SportMod racers – you must be 100% legal within the 2021 Southern SportMod rules posted at with the following exceptions: 1) You may run the Hoosier G60-15 tire on both rear corners if you choose. Hoosier 500 Series tires must be run on both front corners.

IMCA Northern SportMod racers – you must be 100% legal within the 2021 Northern
SportMod rules posted at

**Please note that IMCA SportMods may run the American Racer KK704 as long as they are running the balance of their complete IMCA SportMod rule package.